Residential Post & Rail Fences


Add a country, rustic look to your landscaping with a residential post & rail fence. It's a great way to define your property without enclosing it. The visibility it provides will not detract from sight lines and expansive views.

Post & Rail Fences

We offer a variety of wood types for residential post & rail fences, each of which provides its own unique characteristics as it ages to a silvery gray.


This treated pine will weather first to a rich copper color and then eventually to beautiful gray over time. Learn more about the unique features of Copperwood fences.

Green-Treated Pine

This wood is resistant to insects, rot, and decay. Learn more about green-treated pine fences.

Natural Cedar

The wood has a light-colored hue with an attractive red tinge, adding a beautiful aesthetic quality to your fence. Learn more about Cedar fences.

Yellow Pine

This untreated wood is the most economical option, but requires the most maintenance.


Our residential post & rail fences are available in several different styles, or we can work with you on a custom design. A sales rep can provide exact specifications based on the wood and style of the fence you choose.

Available in 2, 3, 4 rail
Post & Rail
Post & Rail
Old English
Old English
Rustic Split Rail
Rustic Split Rail

Matching wood walk gates and double drive gates are available to match most styles, sizes, and heights and include standard hinges and latch.

We also offer self-closing and self-latching gate hardware as well as other hardware options. Additional gate styles are available. Learn more about all of our gate solutions.

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