Residential Wood Fences


A residential wood fence provides a natural look that complements landscaping and other garden features in your yard. It's an economical option that remains a popular choice with many of today's homeowners.

Be creative with the range of available style options for wood fences. You can also choose to add a distinctive pattern or lattice to the top of your fence for added height and decoration.

Wood Fences

Wood is a natural product, which means that it is inherently imperfect and has unique characteristics and variations. As wood ages after being cut from the original timber, it will dry out over time and, without proper maintenance, it may warp, twist, check, crack, split, and/or shrink. Learn more about how wood ages and how to care for a wood fence.

We offer three different types of residential wood fences. Each provides their own unique characteristics as they age to a silvery gray color.

Treated Pine

Our exclusive product from Ozark Timber for more than 25 years, Copperwood is a specially treated pine that will weather first to a rich copper color and then eventually to beautiful gray over time. Learn more about the unique features of Copperwood fences.

A strong and durable wood, green-treated pine has increased resistance to insects, rot, and decay. Learn more about green-treated pine fences.

Natural Cedar

This type of cedar has a light-colored hue with an attractive red tinge, adding a beautiful aesthetic quality to your fence. Learn more about Cedar fences.

Post & Rail

This open and natural-looking fence style creates a rustic look in any landscape. Learn more about post & rail fences.