What Are Automated Gates?

An automated gate is a gate where an automated operator system is added to allow a different level of functionality. Adding a gate operator system for vehicle access provides an added level of convenience and security to property owners who wish to control or restrict access to their property. These systems can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, military, and correctional facility locations. Common examples of where automated gates are used would be for parking areas to separate public from employee/secure parking areas of a facility.

Components of an automated gate

Automated gate systems typically consist of two basic components, the gate and the gate operator. The gate operator is the motor or mechanism that provides the force to open and close the gate. Gate operators are electrically powered and can be driven by hydraulics, mechanical screw drive, articulating arm, rack and pinion, or chain driven.

Types of automated gates

There are 5 types of commonly used automated gates. These include slide gates, swing gates, vertical lift, vertical pivot, and barrier arm gates.